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We are in constant need of mentors who can share valuable skills with our students. If you’re talented in programming, engineering, or writing, we probably have a place for you.


We’re growing our team of students, and whether you’re an experienced hacker or have never heard of a robot before today, you’re invited to join our team!


Running a robotics team isn’t cheap – we need space, parts, and software. We use your money effectively to help students learn necessary skills in today’s world.

We empower students to think and create for themselves.

The Utah Valley Provotypes are a FIRST Robotics team based in Provo, Utah. All high school-aged students from the surrounding Provo area are welcomed to bring both their skills and knowledge to the team. This is our first year participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition and we are excited to show what we are capable of. Though we are a new team all of our coaches have participated in FIRST and are very familiar with the program. Additionally, they have experienced first-hand the impact FIRST can have on students lives. Some of our goals are to be a successful example for other programs to establish, and to spread awareness for STEM throughout Utah.

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