About Us

The Utah Valley Provotypes is a FIRST Robotics team based in Provo, Utah. All high school-aged students from the surrounding Provo area are welcomed to bring both their skills and knowledge to the team. This is our first year participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition and we are excited to show what we are capable of. Though we are a new team all of our coaches have participated in FIRST and are very familiar with the program. Additionally, they have experienced first-hand the impact FIRST can have on students lives. Some of our goals are to be a successful example for other programs to establish, and to spread awareness for STEM throughout Utah.

In May 2017, our head coach, Stuart Myers, visited Provo High School to introduce students to First Robotics and get them excited about the program. A meeting was held a couple weeks later where we were able to meet Stuart and other BYU mentors as well as learn more about FIRST. From the meeting we learned that FIRST was much more than just a robotics club; instead, it was a program that offered something for every student. From the students that showed interest Stuart and other mentors decided on some student leaders to aid them in their efforts to bring a FIRST team to Provo.

Over the summer Stuart and BYU colleagues worked to grow the team and start a nonprofit Utah Valley STEM Foundation to help manage the team and support our growth in the future. Student leaders worked with them to ensure a student perspective was included in decisions. We have upwards of 15-25 high school students who have shown a strong interest in wanting to join FIRST. As the school year progresses and student leaders work to gain more interest we expect this number to increase. We look forward to having a great team this year and to showcase an amazing group of students who are ready to experience what FIRST has to offer.