What’s up all you robot enthusiasts, Provotypes here!  We’ve just completed our first week of the build season, whew.  We had some problems, but we conquered them. Here’s what we all did:

The CAD team has been hard at work, modeling the arm for our robot as well as the ramp system to support robot climbs. The robot is starting to look great (on the computer at least…)

The business team created forms to process donations and manage our awesome sponsors contributions. They also got our social media sites up and running. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube! They also ordered our team shirts, so we’ll look fly at competition.

The Fabrication team finished the drivetrain on Saturday, all the electrical and mechanical work got done, and now, it has taken its first steps to victory!   We’ve tested it out on our scotch-taped practice field. Check it out here!

The programmers updated all the firmware for the control systems and established some basic code to move the drivetrain. They’ve been rocking it!

Here’s to another great week!

– The Provotypes