Jan 29 – Feb 3  2018

This week was a work week.

On February 2nd, 2018, we brought our functional, but incomplete, robot to the Spring Creek Elementary Science Fair. We made our own little arena with lunch tables and gave demonstrations of our robot’s functionality. Every now and then we would disable the robot and invite the kids and parents into our ring, explain what we did, and answer any questions that they had.  Many of the parents and students there already had some background on what robotics entailed.  They had watched bot fighting shows and other events of the like. We were astounded at the amount of interest there was in robotics.

We were asked to give a quick, two minute presentation on their stage. We talked about FIRST and what it does for people’s futures. We started off by asking, “Who in here likes robots?” Every hand went up. Then we asked, “Who in here would like to one day build a robot?” Again, every hand went up.

In addition to that treat, on Saturday we were able to compete every technical aspect of our robot, excluding bumpers, programming and a few wires.