Why do Robotics?

With Robotics, there is a place for everyone. While you may not enjoy programming or using power tools, building a robot is truly a team effort that utilizes a multitude of STEM disciplines.

Computer-aided drafting (CAD)

Building a robot without a plan is almost impossible. The role of the CAD team is to provide the robot’s blueprints which enable the rest of the team to get building.


┬áThe role of the Electronics team is to wire the robot’s central nervous system, allowing the fabricated parts and programming to work in harmony.


What’s the point of a robotics team if you don’t actually get to build a robot? The fabrication team is responsible for engineering and assembling the physical robot.


To compete, the robot has to be able to be driven, and to move on it’s own. The job of the programming team is to provide that human/machine link.


Robots aren’t free, and robotics teams don’t run themselves. The role of the business team is to secure grants, put on fundraisers, and run the team’s social media.

Drive Team

Masters of competition. If you prove yourself in auditions, you might just be the one to represent the team in competition – by actually doing the competing.